Decorating & Safety Rules

In order to ensure the success and safety of your event, the following decorating rules have been implemented. Please read and follow these rules carefully. Please refer any questions to our office at: 801-422-7700.

  1. Your floor plan should be submitted to the Conference Center secretary at least one week prior to your event. Final approval from the Conference Center Scheduling Office for any decorating plans is required at least 48 hours in advance of your event.
  2. Tacks, nails, etc. may not be used on the walls or any other part of the Conference Center. Tape, or adhesives of any kind may not be used on any painted surface in the building.
  3. Decorations and other items are to be removed immediately after your event. The Conference Center staff cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to any items left after the event.
  4. Furniture may not be moved without supervision of the building custodian. Placement of all sets and displays, etc. must be under the supervision of Conference Center staff.
  5. Decorations must be completely constructed and painted before they are brought into the building.
  6. Hot plates and water fountains may not be used due to potential damage to counter tops and carpeting.
  7. The State of Utah Fire Code prohibits the use of hay, straw, cornstalks, or dry tinder in the Conference Center. Live Christmas trees are also prohibited.
  8. Liquid-fueled items and any open flames are prohibited in the building.
  9. Heavy articles can be hung only with permission of the Conference Center manager.
  10. Decorating must be done from ladders (supplied by the custodian) — not from chairs or tabletops.
  11. Red punch may not be served in the Conference Center!
  12. If something is spilled or broken please contact a custodian immediately.
  13. Tables, chairs, booths, or other items may not be placed within the hallways (except in certain approved areas). Please refer any questions to the Conference Center manager.
  14. Most rooms have grooved recessed areas all along the walls that will accommodate picture hangers, "S" hooks, or paper clips (Please bring your own).